TRUApp RINA Collaboration

TRUApp Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with RINA to provide new field operations technology and services to the oil, gas, and broader energy industry in the US and abroad.

Michael D’Iorio, VP – Industry Solutions at TRUApp Energy:

Over two years ago TRUApp Energy began working with RINA in support of a mutual, O&G supermajor client to elevate the efficiency, safety, and cost control of their field operations. It became clear through our combined efforts, that RINA’s subject matter expertise and TRUApp’s technology offered breakthrough results in performance within complex operations onshore and offshore.

We are looking forward to expanding our client impact by partnering with RINA, a multinational company with a network of over 4600 talented professionals, operating out of 200 offices in 70 countries. RINA’s engineering and international standards expertise, along with decades of experience supporting operators across the entire lifecycle of technological and innovation projects, speaks for itself.

Together, we expect to expand the adoption of TRUApp Energy’s Operational Intelligence platform (Energy OI). Our aim is to accelerate the digital capabilities of field operations, by centralizing the enablement and orchestration of work and unifying teams on the frontline of energy production.

We are excited to introduce our partner solutions to US and international producers eager to create greater human, environmental, and shareholder value. We are committed to helping them produce more types of energy safely, while dramatically reducing the non-productive time and opaque operational cost structures within asset intensive production.