1.Let’s run key operational numbers for a TRADITIONAL upstream O&G producer Some expenses vary greatly between firms with small, medium and large production facilities. Adjust as needed Not ALL, but the KEY sections listed, to illustrate the value of TRUApp. Non-affected line items are omitted
Select your oilfield size:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Revenue / Income $ 26,850,000
Production BPD+BOE
Oil Price USD per barrel
# of wells for per-well numbers below. shutdown days
The employee headcount (usually staff) can be reduced: Who’d do admin and support work?
The contractor headcount (usually craft) can be reduced: Who’d do craft and specialized work?
Other Key Costs can be reduced: What will not be done? Will things break often?
Some CapEx can totally be reduced: What is (negatively) affected? Future production???
Logically simplified and automated, integrated processes lead to much less effort to execute
Numerous disconnected I.T. systems replaced will directly reduce expenses
Single field “operating system”, TRUApp, needs much, much reduced headcount in the same field!
All other costs that depend on personnel and processes will naturally get reduced. Big time.
Less Key, Operational Costs $ -76,545,044
Royalties & Tax “not “income tax“”
Employees US burdened cost
% office based
Contractors US average bill rate
% field based
Other Key cost expand
Reduce taxes?
Reduce staff? % reduction, saving of $
Can we have more people in the office? % office based
Reduce contractors? % reduction, saving of $
Can we move some to the office? % field-based
Reduce other key costs? % reduction, saving of $
Employee: starting with , reduced to (with negative consequences?)
Way less employees will be needed employees
80% office-based
Employees in the office/from home % in office
Contractors: starting with , reduced to (with negative consequences?)
Way less contractors will be needed contractors
80% field-based
Contractors working in the field % on the field
Other Key cost: reducing $ down to $
Better efficiency further reduces key costs expand
Gross, Key Operating Profit (or Loss) $ -49,695,044
$ -1,242,376,100 Unworkable
Field Life years, on average